William R. Sinkin Eco Centro: Growing Community

My 25th birthday is around the corner. This year, I’ve decided to “donate” my birthday to William R. Sinkin Eco Centro, center for community and environmental sustainability. I’ve put together a gallery to tell my story since joining the Eco Centro team, why it means so much to me, and why I’m asking for donations.

On February 21, 2018, I joined the Eco Centro team as the Community Relations Coordinator – this photo was from my first day at work. I feel like I have the same overwhelming love in my heart for this very special place and my very special role since the day I started.

April 2018 – Having a swing with a pickaxe in the Arroyo on the San Antonio College campus. Eco Centro’s goal is to transform 75% of the campus landscape with sustainable features like food forests, pollinator habitat, native plants, and low impact design.

June 2018 – In her hands is a marigold plant that died, but the seeds are being pulled out. I find this image to be inspirational. At a very difficult time and crossroads in my life, I was fortunate to find my place at Eco Centro. When I thought my life was over, I decided I just needed to grow elsewhere – fortunately for me, back in my hometown.

December 2018 – Not the most recent photo of the Arroyo and Greenhouse but one of my favorites. Even when the weather gets colder you can see how beautiful the landscape is. Many students, faculty, and staff have commented on how much this area has transformed. It used to just flood when it rained. Now it’s more functional.

October 2019 – This is Mittens. She’s my favorite. She even meets me at my car when I get to work. We trap cats in the area and take them to get fixed. If they’re kittens, we’ll try to find a home for them. We release the older ones who are already accustomed to their outdoor life and feed them twice a day. If you’re in the area, cat food donations would be appreciated.

August 2019 – Volunteers are needed throughout the year for our farm and garden areas. This is Apollo and Aristotle, my two brothers. I bring them with me to work once in a while. They enjoy being outdoors and lending a helping hand. After a long day’s work, they’re excited to tell me everything they learned from the farm and garden team that day.

A few of my favorite pictures of Meredith. Left: Pride Bigger than Texas Celebration and Parade 2019. Middle: candid photo of Meredith making seed bombs during Earth Day 2019 at Woodlawn Lake. Right: 2018 Holiday Market at the Impact Guild.

This story would certainly not be complete without a tribute to Meredith Miller, the director of Eco Centro. I thank the universe for her every day. She’s a leader, an amazing boss, and my friend. She’s been the director only two years, and in that time Eco Centro has grown exponentially, both in the number of staff and presence in our community. She is a champion for sustainability in San Antonio and beyond. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she takes charge and makes things happen! I do my best to emulate her amazing work ethic. Meredith took a chance on hiring me as a young professional right out of college for an important role at the center. I’m forever grateful for that, and I hope to make her proud every day.

Every dollar counts when we’re growing community together.

Your donation will support our programs and community efforts like nature-based preschool days, sustainable landscape and gardening workshops that are free and open to the public, local community gardens, water conservation outreach, urban food production and education, and so much more.

There are a few ways to donate to Eco Centro:

Give by Credit Card

Visit donate.ecocentrosatx.org to donate by credit card. This will direct you to the Alamo Colleges giving page. We are a part of San Antonio College which is part of the Alamo Colleges District, so this is how tax-deductible donations are processed for credit cards.

You must specify Eco Centro Program on the dropdown menu under the Designation section to ensure your donation reaches us. Please also mark your donation in honor of Dyhanara Rios.

Give by Check

Make check payable to Alamo Colleges – Eco Centro and designate that this is for Dyhanara’s birthday fundraiser. You can drop off a check at Eco Centro (call ahead 210-486-0417 to confirm open hours) or mail it to:

Mailing Address
William R. Sinkin Eco Centro
1819 N. Main Avenue, Box 643
San Antonio, TX 78212

Give Cash

Visit us (call ahead 210-486-0417 to confirm open hours) to drop off cash. Please let staff know that your donation is for Dyhanara’s birthday fundraiser.

Physical Address
William R. Sinkin Eco Centro
1802 N. Main Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212

How else can we support Eco Centro?

Maybe you don’t have money to donate right now. I understand. Many of the people who benefit from our programs don’t have much to spare, either.

I tell visitors that one of the best ways they can thank us for what we do besides money is to tell a friend about us. Maybe you can share this fundraiser page?

Also, I run our center’s Facebook page. We are SO close to 3000 likes. Can you share our Facebook page with your friends? With less than 100 likes away from the goal, it would be awesome to hit 3000 likes on my birthday.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and learn a little bit about what we do at Eco Centro. I didn’t even mention monthly meditation classes, citizen science (I’m very passionate about this!!), internship and volunteer opportunities for both students and the public, and our amazing location central to San Antonio. Eco Centro is my home away from home and the team is like family to me. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about anything I’ve discussed on this page or if I can help you process your donation to Eco Centro.

I leave you with a few more photos of adventures with the Eco Centro team.

Monarch Butterfly Festival, October 2019
Artisans in the Garden, October 2019
Boxes and boxes of seed donations. We give seed packets away for free. October 2018.
I do a lot of tabling events. UTSA Sustainability Fair, April 2018.
Art of the Sacred Texas Springs, March 2018.
Garden workday, May 2018.